Old World

The alchemy of the ages never goes out of style. Old World Style paintings have distinctive colors and styles reflected from a period of time when the world was different. You will find Framed Art by Tilliams Old World art with old maps, chronological events, timeless paintings of legendary figures, mythology art and themed Old World framed art from the Renaissance and Victorian eras, etc. In fact, there is a slight overlapping with our French country style section because many of the Old World framed art pieces have a European look. Add nostalgia and mystery to any room just by hanging a fantastic Old World replica of your favorite time period in history. Framed Tuscan prints look just as magnificent as the real thing. We carry Old World antique art look-alikes from various famous painters like Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso and Gustav Klimt. Some people call the Old World art “Tuscan art” but it means one in the same; inspired by the rolling lush landscape of Tuscany. Each painting features authentic earth tones and paint representative of that time period, so your Old World framed painting will feel authentically aged, as it should. Browse our collection to choose your favorite framed Old World poster, print or art deco painting for vintage appeal and great prices!
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